نموذج رسالة توصية للمنح التعليمية

نموذج رسالة توصية للمنح التعليمية

  رسالة التوصية من اهم الاوراق المطلوبة عادة من اجل المنحة الدراسية يقوم الدكتور المشرف في الجامعة بمنحها للطلاب الراغبين بالتقدم إلى المنح الدراسية

يشترط في رسالة التوصية ان تحتوي على ايميل ورقم هاتف الدكتور (البروفسور) الموصي مع توقيعه
نموذج قالب رسالة التوصية


Date: February 15th, 2020
Recommendation Letter
I am writing this letter to recommend Mr. ( Student Name) who is currently seeking admission to
the master's program at your institute.
I have known Mr. ( last name) or more than two years. He was one of the students in the
electrical and computer engineering department at the University of Aleppo.
Mr. ( last name) took some of the undergraduate courses which I have taught. His performance
in these courses was very good and he was among the top 15%. Also I had the chance to
supervise his senior graduation project in which he studied simulation of computer networks
using OPNET. He has shown very good performance in approaching the final goal by
understanding the problem statement, suggesting the appropriate solutions and composing the
report in a well organized manner. He also displayed very good skills in spoken and written
English during discussions and reports
Moreover, I had the chance to recognize many of his personal traits through my observations
over a span of two years, Mr. ( last name) is ambitious, hardworking, and has a respectful and disciplined personality. He is dedicated and well motivated in his work, and can perform
excellently as an individual and as a team member as well.
I could clearly say that he is very committed to pursuing his graduate education and I believe
that he will be one of the best students in his class. Therefore, I strongly recommend him for
admission to the master's program at your department.
Dr. Eng. Mohammad A.
Associate Professor
ECE Department


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